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Who are you guys?

We’re a team of restless professionals who have worked out a new way to help organizations recognize and reward individual team member efforts through peer feedback.

Are you robots?

We are not robots.

How does SendLove work?

You pick a Recognition Period - say 3 months. Over the period, team members send short ad hoc “love” messages recognizing each other for the good work they’ve performed. Throughout the period, the team can see all the messages being sent by viewing the LoveFeed. At the end of the period, after the manager has audited the results, the data can be user to inform existing bonus programs (gift cards, vacation days, plushies, cash, etc) or just be shown to the team.

My team is busy. Will employees actually take the time send love?

Chances are your team members already recognize each other all the time, often with a simple “thanks” or “nice going”. SendLove makes that process fast and fun. A love message can be sent more easily than even the briefest thank-you email, often in under five seconds. And unlike all of those “you rock!” messages which disappear into the corporate ether today, love messages are easily measured and reported.

How can my team send love?

Team members can send love through any web browser, or via email.

How can I be sure SendLove will tally things up fairly?

The sponsoring manager can audit the results before they are published.

My employees are crafty and sinister. Can't this be gamed easily?

No for three reasons. Messages are transparent to the whole company. If two or more people collude to inflate their numbers, other people will see it happening. The results are audited at the end, and SendLove provides reporting tools to look into results that look questionable. The results are normalized to account for different usage patterns. Each participant gets the same portion of the pool to give away.

Won't this just be a popularity contest?

Most companies have found that SendLove tends to highlight the historically under-recognized rather than those who are popular.

Shouldn't we put rules on the types of messages we are allowed to send?

No, other than making sure all messages are respectful and appropriate. Sending love should be impulsive and fun. Most of the messages sent will be substantive, and the noise will wash out in the summed results. Just send love when you see your co-worker adding value.

Couldn't we send props or high-fives? Do we really need to send love?

Could John Lennon, Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. and Socrates really be wrong?

Is it hard to set up? Do I need to get IT involved?

We host your SendLove for you, so it’s fast and easy to get going. Just click here and follow the steps to define your team and create a recognition period.

Will my team data be secure?

SendLove is hosted on our secure collocated servers. All confidential contact information and transactional data is stored within an encrypted database and transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

How much does it cost to use SendLove?

Your first 30 days are free. After than you will be charged $5.00 per person per month. There is no long term commitment, you can stop at anytime.

It seems like if SendLove usage took off for us, it might be useful data to incorporate into formal annual performance appraisals someday. Maybe we could even use it to administrate more substantial performance-based pay programs.

We agree. So do some of our customers!

So does that mean you guys tie in with HRMS packages?

Not today, though SendLove provides a wickedly comprehensive set of reports, any of which can be exported to a .CSV format.

  • The first 30 days are Free
  • After 30 days you will be charged $5 per user/mnth
  • Month to month. No long term commitment
  • All your data is safe, secured and backed up.